Sonntag, 25. Juni 2017

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Volunteers for new Non Profit Organisation

New Human Values - because
time is now! WHAT

New human values is a nongovernmental
social movement engaged in activism related to the issues of cultural,
political, economical
and environmental rights
to the human species. WHY/

Social movements have been choked by Smith’ invisible hand and the relentless
power of the free markets, further more they are fragmented by the development of
the internet and a single-sided media coverage. In times of narcissistic and power driven
individuals in political and economical key-positions it’s time for the
citizens of the world to rise once more and stand together for new human values
– simply because time is now! HOW/ Objective

Where social media and the development of the Internet has helped society evolve
in many ways its almost counterproductive when it comes to social movements.
People tend to share their opinion on issues but only few actually find
together in marches or organize themself beyond the comfort zone of their
computer screen. New Human Values changes that! NHV creates a digital platform
for proactive exchange
between humans
and investors worldwide. 1.
People who want to
join NHV have to register and provide information about their field of
expertise, the amount of time they can dedicate per week/ month/ year and the
kind of projects they would be interested in investing their time and
expertise, eg. Environmental, educational etc. pp. 2.
NHV connects people
in order to create a critical mass to push petitions and forward them to critical
people in decision making positions. 3.
NHV is the
facilitator between people and their “human capital” and sponsors of
governmental, private or industrial capital – money, in order to realize
ambitious goals for the better of this planet and the human race. 4.
Projects outlines,
goals and developments are absolutely transparent, kept up to date and
displayed online for every member and participant to pursue. Now
we need you! June
26th 2017 our website New Human Values goes online,
simultaneously with our crowdfunding project so things
can get running. Join
us with your time, with your spirit, with your dedication to make this planet
and the human race great again – simply because time is now! Who
is interested to be a part of this project from the beginning? We
are looking for motivated volunteers for: -
Grafic designer-
English Translater-
Lawyer (international law)-
PR Manager-
Political Scientist-
All interested / positive People……. You! Contact:newhumanvalues.orgZurlindenstrasse 808003 Zürich

Publizierungsdatum: 09.05.2017 20:19:40
Name des Ansprechpartners: Daniel Geiersberger
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