Mittwoch, 20. September 2017

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Volunteer for MR study - 40CHF

For a scientific study, we are looking for healthy, normal-weight women and men between 18 and 80 years of German mother tongue or with good knowledge of German. The aim of the study: We want the structure, the function and the networking of certain brain structures that are important for correct vision , By means of so-called imaging techniques such as MRI (magnetic resonance tomography), diffusion MRT and functional MRI in healthy volunteers and patients to obtain a comparative value for clinical diagnostic routine measurements in patients. Procedure and duration of the study: The study takes place on one day at the University Hospital of Zurich. First, a clinical OCT at eye clinic , then followed by MRI scan ant MRI center both will take 1.30 hr and will pay 40 for participation in in both examination .
The brain is examined by means of MRI at the MR center of the University Hospital Zurich (USZ) at the clinically approved MR devices. No contrast agent is used. Upon request, you will get the MRI images of your own brain, a related finding and further information after your participation To brain function. All information is treated confidentially. There is no direct medical benefit for you. If you are interested in taking part in a study and the above criteria apply to you,

this will take place at Sunday 27.08.2017
From 8:30 to 18:30, one each hour for 3T.
Before MRI they do OCT. except for the first one than do OCT after MRI.
40.- CHF each.
Total time of scanning and OCT 1:30

please contact Mrs. Njoud Aldusary (English-speaking). Price: 40CHFPhone: 0791349793Email: Njoud.Aldusary@usz.chName of the contact person: Njoud Aldusary
Miss.Njoud AldusaryPhD student
Institute of Neuroradiology
University Hospital of Zurich
Frauenklinikstrasse 10
CH 8091, Switzerland
Tel: +41791349793

Publizierungsdatum: 15.08.2017 13:20:19
Name des Ansprechpartners: njoud aldusary
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