Dienstag, 27. Juni 2017

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Modifying VHDL Code for additional RGB Panel - 200CHF

The task at hand concerns a project of driving multiple (2-6) RGB LED 32x32 Panels, using a Beaglebone Black with FPGA Logibone, using the pre-existing code built upon wishbone-architecture:(https://github.com/fpga-logi/logi-projects/tree/master/logi-matrix).

The existing code is lacking in the correct VHDL FPGA implementation of cascading RGB LED 32x32 Panels, or different Panel sizes (32x64), while single-Panel is working. These new functionalities are to be worked out.
The theory of operation of the RGB Panel and possible resultant FPGA logic can be read upon here:
(http://bikerglen.com/projects/lighting/led-panel-1up/) .

We have to bear in mind that this project by Glen Akins differs in the implementation of gpmc_target, meaning our project here uses the more adaptive wishbone-architecture, in contrast to his version, being non-compatible at the time being. Differences as topic forum here: (http://valentfx.com/vanilla/discussion/321/help-getting-going-with-logi-matrix) .

The software in use will be ISE Project Navigator.

I can offer myself with the required hardware for exemplifying the existing attempts. Working space to be chosen either at personal area (my flat) or public space (University Zürich) for this personal endeavor.

Renumeration according to the remaining complexities to be resolved, if a renumeration is wished of course. The task at hand can be intrinsical motivating for the outcome and underlying comprehension of the matter, so I am optionally laying this matter out not as sole business task.

Diese Aufgabe kann auch zusammen in Deutsch gelöst werden.

Publizierungsdatum: 29.03.2017 22:10:19
Name des Ansprechpartners: Hans-Christian Heine
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