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Dark side of Swiss Law/The Heuristics/Law or Grad Student

Swiss law student or psych-, sociology grad student with well-developed German writing skills sought to co-develop a compendium of heuristics for the public that applies to the legal system in Switzerland. The “short-cuts” will explain how theoretical law is supplanted by psychology and corruption, as in the following example:

Basel DA suppresses evidence
“What will it take to have a fair trial in Basel?”

The Basel DA sanctioned an accusation of sexual harassment at the University of Basel, leading to the dismissal of an employee without allowing defence. With evidence later found lacking, the DA then concealed the accusation: … it never happened.

The wreckage: The accusing female is left with a history of making a serious yet unsustainable accusation; The accused’s career ended, legal counteraction terminated because… it never happened.

End game: The Basel DA handed the university a powerful, career ending tool that requires no legal accountability, allows no defence… to be used to remove an employee for political reasons, even as contracts are ignored.

When the accuser raised defence and warned others through emails, The Basel DA turned the circumstances around. The man attempting to defend himself was accused of libel.

Before the trial for libel, the defence lawyer felt such pressure that he threatened his own client, demanding a settlement out of court. When the client refused, the lawyer quit the case. The judge refused to hold the lawyer accountable. The accused had no choice but to appear at trial alone, undefended.

The trial concealed evidence of coercion of students and an imposed communications blackout to prevent an exchange of information.
The judge had been warned that potential witnesses had been intimidated. She permitted the intimidated witnesses to testify, but refused to allow independent testimony on who had intimidated them. Intimidation was successful; fear won the day in a Swiss court.

Learn more about this astonishing duplicity by an arm of the law itself and a judge, used to protect wrongdoing at a local educational institution.

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Telefon:079 658 8391
Publizierungsdatum: 23.05.2017 13:35:00
Name des Ansprechpartners: mark inglin
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